calming patients

I was more calm during my work day.

My clinique was is much more quite and a good work space when patients are calm"

Susanne Dalsgaard


“It was like a spa - a wellness treatment - I would like to try that again” “I feelt peacefull and calm

Lene Espersen

CEO Danish Architects and 

former Minister of Foreign Affairs

“A fantastic experience. I did not think of the treatment or the dentist. I enjoyed the forest, the leaves and clouds and the sound of water






360 graders naturoplevelse i VR-Nature virtual reality til tandlæger.

Why VR-Nature

About 50% of our population are reluctant to go to the dentist. If patients feel anxious or concerned and manage to turn up at the dentist it is still difficult.

Both patient and dentist know that the procedure probably takes longer because the patient needs to ask more questions, interupts the treatment and this might cause delays.

Therefore we have developed VR-Nature™ for use at your clinique. It brings:

  • Calmness and less discomfort for the patient
  • Quiteness and undisrupted concentration for high quality work
  • Less delays
  • Get more done in less time

VR-Nature supports a good patient experience and your quality work 

Calm patients

By immersing the patient in nature, patients relax, feel safe and leave the clinic less scared or nervous than when they arrived.

High Quality work

When the patient is calm, there is less stress and pressure, which creates better working conditions, fewer delays, less stress and better time management.

More patients

By using VR-Nature™ in your  clinic, you signal an innovative profile that puts patients' sense of safety in the highest focus.

Your patients will tell about your innovative profile. 

Invest in good patients


VR-Nature ™ gives your patients a relaxing and calm nature experience during dental treatment. While you work, the patient wears Virtual Reality glasses, which play a calming and stress-reducing nature sequence. VR-Nature ™ is for dentists who want to create an experience of calm for the patient during treatment. You invest in a calmer work environment to focus and deliver in high quality.

ro og mindre stress til tandlægen

If you want to know more. 

VR-Nature will answer your questions

Natur i VR-briller. Naturbaseret stress reduktion.
Tandlægen får ro på klinikken og færre forstyrelser.
Thuri Kledal Phd og naturterapeut og ekspert i naturbaseret stressreduktion.


The entrepreneur PhD in health sciences Thuri Kledal is the CEO & Founder of VR-Nature™. She has a great desire to innovate the health sector and contribute to increased relaxation and well-being for both patients and professionals.
VR-Nature™: - an innovative sedation of patients is built on the principles of natural therapy and Shinrin Yoku - forest bathing which is a documented stress-reducing concept originally developed in Japan, further developed by Thuri for a naturopathic Nordic Forest Bath.

VR-Nature is well-founded in scientifically proven effects.

Foto kredit: Fay Cornish 

sundhed, smertedistraktion og stressforebyggende og stressreducerende. Naturlyde og guidet meditation.


Just a view of a green area is enough to reduce the recovery time for inpatients. The list of evidence for nature's stress-reducing effects is long. Therefore, it makes sense to use VR-Nature. The experiences here are created with nature areas selected in the course of stress relief in nature.

  • Only 12 minutes with VR-Nature reduces the degree of self-perceived and self-reported anger, anxiety, disorientation, sadness and exhaustion
    77% of patients want to experience VR-Nature again at the next visit.

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